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About The Company


We act as true partners to our clients. Our commitment lies in delivering the finest, dependable, and value-centric solutions, harnessing the knowledge of SAP-savvy consultants with extensive domain and technological proficiency.

Brief History

Since our establishment in 2022, we've collaborated with organizations deeply committed to enhancing security, compliance, and risk management standards. Our philosophy revolves around sharing our knowledge and challenging traditional norms through innovative and groundbreaking ideas, all geared towards advancing our industry.

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Why Choose Us?


Digital transformation is a journey. It requires change-oriented capacities.

To realize the benefits of technology, companies need a strong technology vision, strategy, and integrated action plan. They need to focus on building the right change-oriented capabilities in their people and walking the journey together.
We aim to help our clients with the above and create an agile and innovative environment that is meaningful and fun to work in. Together with our customers, we focus on building the right competencies to continuously improve, at all levels, from management to key users.

To make a difference you need a real specialist with in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience.

To be decisive, adaptive, fast, and secure, companies need a unique combination of strategic capabilities, combined with a hands-on attitude and knowledge to dig deeper.
For specific critical needs, we provide a real specialist in-house team, even if we must get consultant from the other side of the world. All our specialists are certified have more than 10 to 15 years of experience in their field.


Unlocking business potential through tech and expertise for a brighter future

Our dedication to every client involves:
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    Ensuring the security and efficiency of your SAP environment, minimizing business risks.

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    Offering the most effective and professional solutions at competitive prices.

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    Becoming your preferred SAP solutions provider for governance, risk, compliance, security, audits, and assessments.

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    Making a positive impact and engaging with honesty and integrity.

We believe that aligning our resources closely with customer requirements is essential for the success of all our projects. Prior to commencing any engagement, whether it's related to SAP GRC implementation/upgrade, SAP security role implementation/redesign, SAP S/4HANA upgrade/conversion/consolidation, managed GRC services, staff augmentation, SAP audit and assessment services, or cybersecurity services, we deploy highly skilled experts to address complex GRC system and business process challenges for our clients.

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    We prioritize the welfare of all our stakeholders: our team, clients, and partners. We value the freedom for everyone to choose where and when they work, reducing stress. We genuinely care about the person beyond their professional roles. Our organization's strength relies on the success and well-being of our people.

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    Trust & fun

    Positive energy serves as the cornerstone of success. We maintain a positive outlook toward everyone, fostering trust from the outset. We find joy in our daily work and take pleasure in celebrating our achievements. The most triumphant transformations are those brimming with rewarding new insights.

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    Our commitments are guided by a long-term vision. We question your current requirements and provide solutions that stand the test of time. We maintain transparency in all our actions and accompany you on your digital journey, fostering meaningful connections.

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    As an organization, our growth and evolution hinge on the growth of each individual within it. We encourage and provide backing for the development of both business acumen and personal capacities. We aim for ambitious heights, continually challenging ourselves and those we serve. Our definition of professionalism involves an unwavering commitment to achieving our utmost potential.

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    We hold an unwavering commitment to equality, inclusivity, and unity within diversity. Our belief is rooted in the idea that the strongest teams emerge when we recognize the unique contributions of each individual, devoid of bias. We foster curiosity, cultural awareness, and collaborative spirit, all complemented by self-discipline, resilience, trust, and support

Who are we?

A dedicated team uniting for GRC, S/4HANA, Cybersecurity, and risk excellence.

A worldwide technology and consulting firm dedicated to addressing your governance and control requirements. We operate globally, assisting clients in achieving optimal governance practices and harnessing technology, specialized consultancy, and managed services. The governance domains we specialize in encompass:

  • SAP Security Risk Assessment

  • SAP Advisory Services - Security, GRC, Fiori, Basis & ABAP

  • SAP Security & SAP GRC solutions – Implementation, Upgrade, Migration, Conversion & Consolidation

  • SAP Data Protection

  • S/4HANA Fiori & ABAP

  • S/4HANA Basis – Installations, Upgrade, Migration, Conversion & Consolidation

  • S/4HANA Role Review & Re-Design

  • SAP Expert On-Demand


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